OTA5 MeizuMX4 Bluetooth regression

  • Bluetooth stopped working in OTA5 16.04 for making/receiving calls on Meizu MX4. It was working flawlessly in OTA3 (with Opel) - dialing from car display, receiving calls...

    Now when answering, the call is active for few seconds and then it stops and pops up icon on a car display that phone is disabled/muted. When I click on that icon it enables sound from phone call on a car speakers for few seconds but then it turns it off again. I can do it for as many times I want and it always turns on sound for few seconds and then turns it off, so I suspect it is not a hardware issue. On the phone side it fails to bring up dialer app when this happens, which was working in OTA3, maybe this is the culprit.

    Does anybody have simmilar issues ? Any chance for quick fix on devel channel (if not I must rollback to OTA3) ?

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