New Official UBports UX and Design Steering Committee

  • New Official UBports UX and Design Steering Committee

    Thanks to the ever-growing and maturing UBports community and the quick development of our favourite OS Ubuntu Touch, a need arose to have a clear UX and Design steering committee.

    We are pleased to announce Joan (@CiberSheep) as the head of this new team.

    Joan not only has an infectiously positive attitude, but also understands development and has contributed not only towards the base of native UT apps (check it: CiberSheep), but also has put much care and input into the look and feel of logos for other devs such as Brian Douglass' "Clickable", the kid-safe UT browser "Jade Diamond", "Recipe Boss", "Dice Roller", and more.

    On behalf of UBports, thank you very much, Joan, for your contributions to the entire community so far, and for stepping up to the task, and we look forward to seeing exciting improvements to Ubuntu Touch.

    If you are interested in joining the official UX and Design Steering Committee, don't hesitate to join the Telegram group ( and reach out to Joan.

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