Bluetooth in Citroen C4

  • I'd like to know if the problem of connetion will be studied. In E4.5

  • This post is deleted!

  • For some bluetooth headset it's working only in terminal the configuration (bug not only on Utouch but the bluetooth package )

    [bluetooth]# power on
    Changing power on succeeded
    [bluetooth]# discoverable on
    Changing discoverable on succeeded
    [bluetooth]# pairable on
    Changing pairable on succeeded
    [bluetooth]# agent NoInputNoOutput
    Agent registered
    [bluetooth]# default-agent
    Default agent request successful

    scan on
    pair C9:50:76:A2:XX:XX
    connect C9:50:76:A2:XX:XX
    trust C9:50:76:A2:XX:XX

    If succesful it should connect automatically

  • It looks fine. But when I put pair XX:....... the car says it's not compatible. I have a previous connection that I would like to delete but I don't know how. Thanks

  • after bluetoothctl, lunch the help menu.

    [bluetooth]# help
    Available commands:
    list List available controllers
    show [ctrl] Controller information
    select <ctrl> Select default controller
    devices List available devices
    paired-devices List paired devices
    power <on/off> Set controller power
    pairable <on/off> Set controller pairable mode
    discoverable <on/off> Set controller discoverable mode
    agent <on/off/capability> Enable/disable agent with given capability
    default-agent Set agent as the default one
    set-scan-filter-uuids [uuid1 uuid2 ...] Set scan filter uuids
    set-scan-filter-rssi [rssi] Set scan filter rssi, and clears pathloss
    set-scan-filter-pathloss [pathloss] Set scan filter pathloss, and clears rssi
    set-scan-filter-transport [transport] Set scan filter transport
    set-scan-filter-clear Clears discovery filter.
    scan <on/off> Scan for devices
    info [dev] Device information
    pair [dev] Pair with device
    trust [dev] Trust device
    untrust [dev] Untrust device
    block [dev] Block device
    unblock [dev] Unblock device
    remove <dev> Remove device
    connect <dev> Connect device
    disconnect [dev] Disconnect device
    list-attributes [dev] List attributes
    select-attribute <attribute> Select attribute
    attribute-info [attribute] Select attribute
    read Read attribute value
    write <data=[xx xx ...]> Write attribute value
    notify <on/off> Notify attribute value
    register-profile <UUID ...> Register profile to connect
    unregister-profile Unregister profile
    version Display version
    quit Quit program

    you should do something like

    • paired-devices

    • remove xx:XX:XX:XX:

  • On the terminal with localhost and su I make the commands:
    power on (if it is off it gives an error. But putting on grafically it puts no error)
    discoverable on
    pairable on
    agent NoInputNoOutput
    scan on
    trust C9:.... (I prefer putting this the first one)
    pair C9:... IT GIVES AN ERROR:
    Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed
    I don’t know why. In other tryes the car says it doesn’t pair to this type of phone.
    PD: Whith the command: remove C9:.... I was able to delete the previous pair.

  • Maybe it's the type of agent/profile you have to change to satisfy the c4
    I would suggest this order

  • Cesar,

    Now that you're able to get an error msg I strongly suggest to look on google : to pair%3A org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed

    You're problem might be linked to a driver bug, but i doubt is linked to ubuntu touch itself, even ubuntu.
    Good luck

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