Send Some: File Manager Icon Set Love

  • Aaaand the time is up.
    Thank you all indeed for joining this first experiment.

    @3arn0wl I see your proposal as interesting but maybe in the information side. Maybe System-Settings > About > Storage
    i could work there.

    @mateo_salta I think the way to go with the icon set is feeding from upstream Suru project. You gave here a little twist with the colors. Conservative but effective 🙂

    Follow up next: The Content Hub

  • @cibersheep sorry I'm late :*(, I'll upload my work this afternoon but it's quite similar to @mateo_salta 's one

  • 0_1541631451060_33e8b9bf-9509-4d17-a2e7-04607f26194f-immagine.png
    here is it! I took quite everything from suru-icon-theme. the video image could be not visible with SuruDark, but this was the color from video mimetype. in the music and models/templates I experimented a bit more with gradients making the back part of the folder more different from the near front part, a bit of contrast in addition...

  • @mymike also I'm not very sure about the right and bottom folds, not originally present in the folder icon, but took from mimrtypes

  • @mymike Very nice (you're late) I like the colors but not the folds. Good job (even you're late 😃 😃 :D)

  • @cibersheep
    This is even later - well! you can't expect creatives to keep to deadlines! 😛

    A couple of ideas for a new desktop icon based on Suru:


    0_1544090043300_files 2.png

    And the suggestion that the app just be called "Files", rather than the more cumbersome "File Manager".

    Also, I was wondering where the images came from on the documents themselves? And whether there were alternatives? The videos one is very orange...

  • @3arn0wl Ha ha ha... nicely played with deadelines 🙂
    I like that icon.
    About the name, actually in the desktop is called Files.

  • @cibersheep
    Hmmm - I took the File shape from the Suru link that @mateo_salta gave, but I've noticed subsequently that it's different to the one in his images. 😕 I wonder where he got them from?

    0_1544129365300_Files x1.png

    Also, I quite like the idea that Files itself is "coloured" white - white being the combination of the whole spectrum - but it's a difficult hue to work with! Maybe it could have a folded background with a spectrum of colours? But then again, that might be too much... A monochrome Icon seems the other extreme though - just dull. 😕

    0_1544134420100_Files x2b.png

    (Apologies for my artwork not being up to snuff - I'm just trying to give an idea)

  • @3arn0wl There's a pattern and it's to use whitish icon on greyish background for core system app:

    • System Settings (nearly)
    • File Manager
    • Ciborium
    • Terminal
    • Clock
    • Calendar
    • OpenStore

    and I kinda like it

  • Something like this:

    0_1545331588400_folder 2.png

    Or perhaps this:

    0_1545304635700_Files 2b.png