Q&A 40 Is This Saturday 10/11/18 @ 19:00 UTC

  • Hey there,

    are there any news about the foundation? 🙂
    Are there any advances in relation to widevine for the morphbrowser?

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  • How would you rank the priority of bringing Morph browser up to par with what was the standard set by the legacy browser, for OTA-6? Some users cannot upgrade without having a stable and reliable workhorse browser. Will you take requests from them to focus on triage of specific issues for Morph in the release, or for future releases?

  • now that we are on solid ground again thanks to the 16.04 move, what are your thought on the longer term feature development and design changes (if any) you guys would like to see happen? IIRC there are still quite some changes available that were developed by Canonical for UT that never landed. Is that correct? Are those or any other design changes on the cards to be worked into UT?

  • I hear that the Librem 5 dev kits are on the verge of being shipped. Will UT get one or more of them? What are your expectations when changing out Hybris to whatever it is we will be needing instead to enable that hardare?

  • When will the unity 8 shell bug get the improvement?
    16.04 qtbase-abi bug
    18.04 gtk app ui bug

  • @ebet14 Unfortunately, WideVine is not something we can ship without explicit permissions, as it's proprietary and not redistributable. We also can't really provide a simple installer that downloads the binary and puts it in an appropriate place, as the only way to get it on ARM at the moment, seems to be via ChromeOS, and that is a 2GB image that would need to be downloaded to extract from.

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  • @blanca12 said in Q&A 40 Is This Saturday 10/11/18 @ 19:00 UTC:

    Any news on UT/Unity8 on x86 laptops?

    @blanca12 you realise that the q&a has already taken place, right?! And you realise that your question is actually verbatim my question that was asked in time and answered in the show? I suggest you go watch the recording. Link is in the first post.

  • @blanca12 That question was asked further up in this thread. I don't know if it was answered but there will be a blog post shortly and you should till be able to watch the youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47Qdv9vTblw For info there is little point posting questions in a q&a thread after the event has taken place. Either wait for the next one ( 24/11) or use the normal forum route.

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