Add a signup button for nextcloud

  • Maybe you don't know but nextcloud is not only a self-hosting service. It is as easy as dropbox and you can sign up on a public provider on this page: automatically chooses a public provider in the near and you can easy set up your cloud. We could integrate this link as a "Sign up" button which opens a webview (like it does with the google account).

    The overall user experience is way better if you are using a nextcloud. You can sync your calendar, in future your contacts too and it offers a lot of possibilities for app developers to backup app data in your nextcloud.

    Other mobile operating systems like android and iOS are always using a clode provider by default to improve the user experience. With nextcloud we have a decentralized competition which we don't have to host by ourself. 😃 We only need to pick it up. What do you think?

  • @krille

    I think Nextcloud really strengthens UT.

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