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  • i have been having a heck of time trying to get a apk to install i have been able to install everything onto the nexus 5.

    Copy the apk to /home/phablet/anbox-data/data
    Login to android container on your phone
        lxc-console -ndefault -P /home/phablet/anbox-data/containers -t0
    cd into data/
    install the apk by using pm install [appname].apk

    the very beginning try copy file never can find the directory... when trying to access the info via file manager not allowed... terminal i can... doing a terminal RM command directories can never be found any help would be great

  • I've done it recently. Let's assume you want to install Spotify and the APK is called "".

    Then, on your PC in a terminal in the same folder where the APK is located

    adb root
    adb push /home/phablet/anbox-data/data
    adb shell
    sudo lxc-console -ndefault -P /home/phablet/anbox-data/containers -t0
    cd data
    pm install

    Then, on the phone, refresh the app scope and it should be there.

  • BTW, did you try the official docs:

    After you install android-tools-adb on the phone (described in the docs) the installation of an APK would just require (again: on the phone)

    adb install my-app.apk

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  • @guy Please do not post the same question in two places at the same time. It will not get answered any quicker. I have deleted this one and left the other.

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