Hello! Given that Verizon hates me.... Port to Google Pixel?

  • As you Verizon released at Flash and Congress allowed us to be spied on period running Linux on a phone will allow for higher privacy. I have a Google pixel silver 128 gigabyte version. Show me start developments of this version? Thanks!

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    We are currently not porting to new devices. As you have probably heard, Canonical announced the end of their support of Ubuntu Touch in two months and UBports is taking over the whole project, so all our devs are currently working on taking over or replacing all of Canonicals infrastructure to ensure the Ubuntu Touch a seamless transition.

    After all of this is done, porting to new devices will continue, but our focus will still be maintaining the OS.

    We have some requirements for new devices. These are not exclusive, so not all must apply, but they help us in making a decision:

    • Availability (check)
    • Powerful hardware (definitely check)
    • LTE in the USA and the rest of the world (check)
    • 64bit chip-set (check)
    • Fairly recent kernel (not sure, but I suppose)
    • Big user-base with an interest in free software (more or less)
    • HDMI over USB-C for easy convergence (nope)
    • Not too hefty price tag (nope)

    As I said, due to our limited resources and the huge amount of work of maintaining and developing Ubuntu Touch, we won't be porting to it right now, but it might happen at some point.

    I'm not gonna lie to you: The price is a big blocker as well. Our Patreon page (the main source of funding for UBports) just yesterday hit 500$. Subtract all our costs for keeping the servers running, and you will have an idea how long we would have to wait to even buy ONE device for debugging...

    But maybe someone in the community would like to take this on, maybe even you? I need to remind you that this will be a lot of work, but it could be a rewarding experience and would be (i am sure) greatly appreciated in the community!

  • How important is the HDMI over USB-C thing? Is it still the case?

    What devices that haven't gotten attention have that?

  • @supaiku This thread is too old. Please re ask in support.

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