Notification Bubble Actions

  • As started by @3arn0wl in another thread:

    [...] I'd also like to be able to respond to Matrix messages (or Telegram or Signal) in the same smart way that we can with SMS. But my guess is that this is not the place for that conversation.

    This is interesting because is a feature that we don't know how to use.

    Here it is the message bubble but I can't find the bubble for the dialer (the one that pops up to answer in an incoming call).

    That would also be useful for Linphone and FluffyChat.

  • That MessageBubble you linked to has nothing to do with the notification. It's just the widget used inside the messaging app for drawing the text message bubbles. Nothing to do with notifications. 🙂

  • @dobey That's why.

    Do you know where is the answering the phone / answer SMS bubble message is?

  • @cibersheep I don't think you can actually reply to SMS in the notification itself. Only in the messaging menu indicator.

    The phone call notification is just a normal notification with some special flags. Both notifications are popped by the telephony-service and not the apps.

  • @dobey Ooooh. I got confused with that. Thanks, I'll take a look at the telephony-service.

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