Reinstalled UT in N5 again, but...

  • Just reporting...
    Reinstalled UT back on N5 yesterday. I had to do that, as someone was complaining about my feedback about the massive difference of the battery state with UT and Android (stock or otherwise). After reinstalling UT, I put off WiFi, LTE etc and left it with the battery state at 42% at 11 p.m. In the morning at 8:30, the battery state was at 7%. So, I returned the phone to Android. Extremely sorry for the situation, but wouldn't put the phone in to strain knowingly.

  • @chdslv As I said yesterday. This topic has been done to death in the other nexus 5 battery thread. Re posting the same or similar info in another thead helps no one.
    The battery issues are well known and comparing them in UT to a different system does nothing to move any issue forward.
    Please lets leave it there unless someone has a proved workable solution way forward.

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