Port to bq aquaris e5 hd ub ed.

  • Hello,
    I have a bq aquaris e5, and I wonder if I'll be able to upgrade to the new versions of touch once you release them.
    If not, what is needed in order to change it?

    I have no idea of mobile platforms so if anybody can point me to some tutorial/ info... Thanks.

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    You will probably have to re-flash your device. It's not a difficult process and you will be able to use @MariusQuabeck's magic-device-tool.

    We will publish a detailed tutorial how to use it as soon as the new images are released. If you want, you can watch (or read) our latest community Q&A, it will probably answer some of your questions. 🙂

  • I also have a bq Aquaris e4.5 and would like to flash it with the new project. As far as I know, it's the same underpowered hardware like the e5, with the exception of the smaller display.

    Just some days ago I bought after 2 years of Ubuntu Touch a new Android 6 phone http://amzn.to/2pfR4f6
    Well, the phone is nice, but I don't really like how to interact with that Android stuff, compared to the Ubuntu Touch device.
    I hope dreams come true one day and Ubuntu will be back on new powerful smartphones.

  • Thanks NEO.

  • Thanks for the information Neo. Eagerly waiting for the new version of Ubuntu Touch by ubports for Bq E5 HD.

    Meanwhile, can you please let me know is there any latest working system image that I can try after OTA15 on the E5 HD? I tried 22nd April image from channel ubuntu-touch/staging/bq-aquaris.en. It installs successfully but phone gets into boot loop.

  • Various Linux blog are reporting the news that Canonical will drop support for official devices by the end of June.
    Perhaps would be a good idea to advertise as much as possible Ubports effort to step in. Many current users may be interested in this project and perhaps they can provide help or financial support.

  • E5 is missing in https://devices.ubports.com for some reason , E4.5 is listed though...

    I am E5 user myself, I really looking forward to the E5 porting progress.

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    @Talkless The devices page is still under reconstruction to adopt new and shiny design of ubports.com. The content will be updated soon.

    [Edit] Done. 🙂

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