ActiveSync support ?

  • Hi,

    I cannot find how to sync my contacts/ calendar with my remote Microsoft Exchange account.

    Is someone know if an Activesync support exist on Ubuntu Touch ? With Ubuntu for laptop, we can use Evolution instead of Thunderbird to make this job but i don't find a similar App on Ubuntu Touch.

    Thank you for your help !

  • I had a play with Ubuntu Touch on a OnePlus One over the Christmas period & this was a sticking point I ran into too

    From reading around, I think there's some convoluted way of doing something with syncevolution but it's complex

    Email I can live with as webapp to be honest, it's the calendar sync that's vital to me before I could potentially swich

    If you've used Thunderbird with Exchange on Linux Desktop you might have used DavMail that translates between Exchange and CalDav (amongst other things)

    DavMail actually can be run in server mode, so what I'm going to look into doing is having DavMail running on a self hosted server, open a port just for the CalDav aspect and then as far as the phone is concerned it's just a different CalDav account.

    Waiting for some parts to arrive to reuse an old laptop as a new home server

    Might also run NextCloud for personal calendar & contacts on the same server too, again with Ubports in mind

    I think with certain 'cloud' services running on a server I could make Ubports work for me

    In the first instance I'm going to try it with an F-Droid only Android setup

    If personal Calendar & Contacts are in NextCloud, if DavMail on a server can expose Exchange calendar as CalDav and I can get all that running on a AOSP Android without any Google Services then it should then be possible to use the same services on Ubuntu Touch

    I'll update how I get on when I get stuff running

  • I can confirm that setting up a DavMail in server mode & using it as a caldav gateway to exchange works fine

    I've tried it on an f-droid only version of Android without Exchange provider

    Only tried caldav but no doubt the other gateways DavMail provides would work too

    If it works on android, no reason why it wouldn't work for UBPorts

    It'd be nice to have it on-device though, maybe DavMail could be repackaged in some way to provide the required Dav gateways to Exchange

    I know it's java based though, so might be too heavy to run in the background on a mobile device

    But it's a thought

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