[solved] System Settings: Where is the config file located that contains the stored user choice of ringtone/message sound?

  • Which file contains the configuration about which ringtone and message sound I have selected?

    Probably a file somewhere in ~/.cache, ~/.config or ~/.local/share?

  • It is most likely a GSettings value, which would be stored in a binary database file under ~/.config/ and thus not something you can change with a text editor.

  • GSettings values:

    $ gsettings list-recursively com.ubuntu.touch.sound
    com.ubuntu.touch.sound incoming-call-sound '/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/Ubuntu.ogg'
    com.ubuntu.touch.sound incoming-message-sound '/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/notifications/Rhodes.ogg'
    com.ubuntu.touch.sound silent-mode false

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