Stuck on bootloop. No adbd, lsusb doesnt list device.

  • Hello. I am trying to port ubuntu-touch to redmi note 4G. So far i have only been able to get recovery running fine (does it mean kernel is building fine?). But when i boot in normal mode, the device is stuck at bootloader. It doesnt even get listed in lsusb command. Thats a big setback. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using configs from original_defconfig with changes from port script.


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    can you send me your last_kmsg?

    See here under "If in bootloop" on how to do it:

    you can also check if there is a folder named system-data in /data if yes check the syslog file in /data/system-data/var/log/syslog

    You can also try to set console to tty0 in BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE (in in the device folder)


  • I can give u the recovery last_kmsg but that wont help because recovery works fine. I already added console=tty0 and in kernel config CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE and HW_CONSOLE. Nothing. I dont know how to extract when booting normally as its not detected in lsusb. And when i boot recovery everything gets overwritten. I asked alexforsale also. The thing is kernel is made up of two things zImage and ramdisk. When booting in recovery it (kernel) loads fine and android ramdisk loads properly so i get to recovery. This indicates my kernel is fine right? Because in recovery the device is loaded properly (H3 LTE). Now when i boot normally all is see is boot loop. Does this indicate something wrong with ubuntu ramdisk? Now if there was some error in my kernel then even recovery shudnt have booted right? if i am not wrong

  • Ok sorry. I read how to go into recovery without damaging last_kmsg. So when i am in bootloop and i press recovery mode key combination the screen goes off and on again. Should i keep pressing the combination until i get to recovery or leave the buttons as soon as screen goes black?

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