Qt 5.12 LTS Released

  • Any plan to integrate Qt 5.12 LTS in next UBports OTAs ?

  • I agree with your idea. It is indeed upgraded to the latest Qt 5.12 LTS for longer protection and more than two thousand new fixes.

  • Listening to the rumblings around (not good things), we'll at least have to wait until after 5.12.1 which should be released sometime in January. Of course the plan is to stay up to date in our dependencies, but exactly when we will upgrade the Qt version is not decided.

  • Note that upgrading to 5.12 also means even more work on 18.04 on top of the work needed on 16.04, since it likely also breaks compatibility for Qt/KDE apps and libraries there, necessitating we provide rebuilds of the packages broken by the upgrade. With 5.9, we only really need to do this on 16.04 (though the install on x86 is still broken there anyway).

    We also have no idea what parts of our own stuff (UITK, etc…) might be broken by 5.12. If it is significant, upgrading Qt could turn into another quite lengthy project, and one that brings numerous new bugs along with it.

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