Dekko Problems

  • Dear Ubports-Lovers,

    I've several issues with the latest version of Dekko (0.6.20) running on my Nexus 5 with Ubports devel-rc_proposed and wonder if someone of you can help me:

    • Disabling the Dekko advertisement at the end of each Email in the settings menu has no effect. As far as I remember, this worked in previous versions.
    • Although I read somewhere in the feature list, that emails drafts are saved now, this never worked for me. Do I have to enable something?
    • In the settings menu, I can select that a signature is attached to each email response. Where do I define the signature?

    Because of these problems, I used to prefer using Thunderbird on my Ubuntu Phone, launched within a libertine container. However, this is currently not working on my Nexus 5, which is a separate issue.

    However, if the above issues are solved, I would love to use Dekko as my daily mail client on my Phone.

    One last question, I've seen that Dekko is no longer officially supported. Do you know if someone from the community is taking care of it?

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Administrators

    I talked to @DanChapman, the creator of Dekko. Because of the bad state of the SDK, the ubuntu-ui-toolkit and the rather unstable vivid base, he is currently unable to build Dekko for Ubuntu Touch. Dekko continues as a convergent desktop app based on QQC2, but it may return to Ubuntu Touch, as soon as UBports figures out the future of Ubuntu Touch app development (unfortunately we are still busy getting the basics up and running, but we will definitely get to that).

    Because my FP2 broke, i currently can't try to fix your issues at the moment, but maybe someone else can help you. You could also ask on the telegram group.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the reply. In the meantime, I've installed a chroot environment together with mbsync and mutt. Well, it is optically not as appaeling as Dekko but it works. I'm loving this project because you can do things like that. 🙂

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