Problems with ubport installer and bq m10 fhd

  • I'm trying to install ubports on my bq m10 fhd ubuntu edition.
    Using ubports-installer_0.1.21-beta_amd64 (what I found on the website:
    But there are some issues.
    I start the program and connect my m10 to the pc (working on a linux mint pc).
    The system recognizes my M10 (it opens its directory), yet the installer is stuck on the "waiting for device" screen.
    I checked out hat developer mode is on, anyway.
    I try to select manually, and yet it waits for me to connect the device.
    I ignore it and go on with the install button and he tells me to press volume and power button to reboot.
    I do this but nothing happens anyway.
    Any idea?

  • @cioccoblocco
    it is usually because you are not getting an ADB connection.
    before you connect to pc, put your device in developer mode, connect while still on this screen,look for a small window on the device ,asking to ALLOW connections, if you dont see it ,try ,in terminal "sudo adb devices".
    then try ,ubports installer from there ,or
    reboot to fastboot manually when the installer asks for it

  • I had exactly the same problem, same device same upgrade and on a linux pc. Rebooting in in the mentioned mode solved the problem. What I did not know was all data even bookmarks where kept on the device.

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