Delete morph browser bookmark folder

  • see heading ... I know how to delete a bookmark, but could not find how to delete an existing bookmark folder on OT6

    cheers bernd

  • Most stuff seems to be in :
    you can get ther ewith the File Manager app and delete stuff.
    I frequently do this to remove cookies and site data , but I don't see bookmarks there on my first look...

  • @wartburgritter A little more info here, a "workaround" but unfortunately no direct solution.

    @circ is right about the location. To be specific, bookmarks are collected in ~/.local/share/morph-browser/bookmarks.sqlite. But that's not very useful for solving your problem.

    There doesn't appear to be a way to delete or even rename a bookmark folder. Nor a method to move bookmarks between folders. Because a workaround is if all bookmarks are removed from a folder, then the folder itself is removed. Unfortunately, this would only be practical if the folder has a small number of bookmarks that you are happy to delete (by right-swiping).

    Beyond this, my suggestion is opening an issue on the Morph browser repo.

  • I removed all bookmarks from all folders, but the empty folders stay in bookmarks. They are just empty.

  • I removed all bookmarks from all folders

    @wartburgritter So you want to clear all bookmarks and start over? If so, a direct way of doing that is by deleting (or renaming) ~/.local/share/morph-browser/bookmarks.sqlite. When you reopen Morph, bookmarks will be reset to the default.

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