RemoteStorage for ubuntu's touch apps

  • hi there,

    wondering if it will make sense and not too hard to add to sync calendar, contacts,... in ubuntu touch phone?
    Let say i have a remotestorage client written in python. Easy bindings between Qt and python ?

  • Administrators

    I never heard about this service to be honest, but it looks like the API is pretty well-documented, so i guess it would be possible. There used to be a working Nextcloud-app in the OpenStore (My stupid FP2 is still broken, so i can't check the current status of that) and i think we should try to integrate more popular open services (like Nextcloud) and open standards (like CalDav and CardDav) first and then work our way down to the more niche stuff like this.

    However, with our limited time and resources, there's still a lot that needs to be done, before we can get the core-team to work on stuff like this. But, of course, someone in the community (maybe even you) can look into it and write an app or a patch for that.

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