Dekko Namespace Change

  • Dekko Namespace Change

    All future Dekko development will now take place under the original namespace of dekkoproject. This is setup and ready to go. To keep receiving the latest updates follow the steps below:

    1. Close Dekko 2 CE
    2. Uninstall Dekko 2 CE
    3. Install the latest Dekko 2 from the OpenStore.

    That's it. All accounts, emails etc. are kept and you're all setup.

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  • Hi, how can I remove the old Dekko2 app ? Via open store its not possible to click on it anymore (nothing happens). Via apt list I cannot find a matching package with "mail" or "dekko" in its name. So, how can I remove the former Dekko2 app ? Thanks

  • @michael If you touch the Dekko2 app icon and keep your finger on it for 2 or 3 seconds it should give you the option to uninstall.

  • Hi, no nothing happens then. Logviewer shows an error in the log from open store app when kepping my finger longer on Dekko2 app: PackagesCache::getPackageDetails(const QString&)::<lambda(const OpenStoreReply&)> Error retrieving info from QUrl("

    My theory is, that because of moving dekko2 app in store, the old app isnt "known" to open store anymore. So when keeping the finger longer on dekko2 entry in open store app, the store app tries to load the detailpage for the dekko app with the uninstall button on it, but because Url cannot be resolved. No details page opens and so no uninstall button is available.

    Maybe uninstallation via terminal could be a solution, but I cannot find the correct package name for the old dekko2 app.

  • @michael via UT Tweak tool. It works.

  • Yes, perfect, with tweak tool it worked. Thanks a lot Stefano !!!

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