Remove or Move the Keyboard Icon in Terminal?

  • I ran into an annoying situation while trying to find a solution for my WhastsApp Problem (/topic/2219) in Terminal app using an external keyboard:
    Sooner or later the prompt becomes almost as long as the line width and when arriving at the last line(s) of the screen the keyboard icon blocks the view on the text input. Forever.

    It would be useful, if the Icon could be moved up. Therefore, if it blocks the view you could move the new line below it quickly by just hitting enter a few times and go on with your business.

    I wouldn't want it to go away, because my mobile BT-Keyboard lacks a "|"-key (and more) therefore it would be great to be able to have the OSK pop up (which it doesn't do now) and go away if the icon is touched so I can type characters that are not on my external keyboard.


    (OT on Nexus 5)