Logviewer pastbin problem

  • I hope I can ask a question on this forum about one off the apps I installed. It's about the logviewer.

    I would like to post a log on pastebin. If I hit the share-button, it says: Pastebin error. Error ocurred uploading to Pastebin. Any idea?

  • Well posting gives an error. look it up in Logviewer 😉

    The Logviewer app posts a form on pastebin. The value of the 'poster' of the form exceeds the limit off 30. This value is 36 characters and has a strange value: 'Ubuntu touch user 0.5739777 ...'

  • Change Pastbin user to UT Device as example or UT User, then it would work again, i have compiled a version where this name is set into the settings, but i can not upload it on OpenStore need to wait for Jan.

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