Updated modem on Meizu Pro 5.

  • I did not want to resurrect the old thread, so creating the new one here.
    I followed the guide to update the baseband/modem
    link text
    and after some time testing the new modem version I can say that there is great improvement in stability of network, mainly data connection. Phone doesn't loose signal so often, has better, stronger and stable connection in places previously did not have. Doesn't jump from 4G to H or 3G like crazy, etc... I can tell, cos I'm traveling a lot (Lorry driver) in UK. Recommended to anyone with signal issue on Pro 5. My Pro 5 is LTE version(International) and is running OTA-7 stable. So stable connection a slightly better battery life, not overheating anymore( it did happpen before in places with low signal and heavy internet browsing )

  • I replaced my Pro5 with an original Ubuntu Touch device and have had no trouble with LTE network connection at all and its on S333_M86_20151002_CNOPEN_MZ024. I have not thought about upgrading it until I saw this post, but I don't think that I really need to.

    I do think that LTE coverage has improved a lot since last year so that might be the improvement though?

  • @halucigenia This is improvement in a matter of a 2 weeks, don't think the coverage could get upgraded that fast and everywhere. So it's definitely a cause of updated modem firmware in my case.

  • @Stefano Btw, my observation is that the combo sim slot is working better than the normal one. Try to switch , maybe it solves the network issue ( but no SD card then )

  • just to add to this, after every OTA or manual flashing this needs to be redone again, as the update overwrite it.

  • @Stefano Thanks for the info, I did not realise that.

  • @Stefano Thanks for the tip, i might dig back my Pro5 🙂

  • @Stefano we are not flashing any firmware, why do you think its being overwritten?

  • @Flohack On Pro5, modem and other drivers are part of the lxc container fs and not dedicated partitions which might be why it gets overwriten?

  • @Flohack I don't know. But after manual update with ubuntu-device-flash to edge channel that I was testing, I checked the modem version and it was changed back to previous version. I reflashed stable again and checked the modem, stil the same, so I had to reflash the modem. Then I checked the modem version and it was again the new version.

  • Mine remains the same (new version) when I update weekly from the rc channel. Only when I changed the channel I had to reinstall it.

  • @mihael that's interesting, so how is that happening? Why when we switch channels the modem version gets overwritten and while only updating daily or so (on devel ) it doesn't? Can someone explain, cos I obviously can't. 😀

  • @Stefano I also once changed the baseband following the guide on this forum but I didn't notice such an improvement. To be honest I didn't test it so heavily so thank you Stefano to have made us aware of that, I'll certanly flash it back and pay more attention to the behavior. As a final comment, I'd say that if confirmed to be worth the upgrade, it would be great if the latest firmware would be included in the UT image.

  • @matteo yeah, test it and if stiil issues, try to use the combo sim slot, works better.

  • @mihael When I update (weekly) on the rc channel it downloads only tens of MB but when I change the channel it downloads hundreds of MB so I guess it overwrites a lot of stuff. When I update (on the same rc channel) many things remain the same: image writable, changes I made for the fingerprint and aethercast to work, mc installed, etc. That is not the case when I switch the channel to stable for example.

  • @Stefano Is the modem flashed into a certain partition with fastboot?

  • @Flohack Not by fastboot, by the method mentioned in the first post, there is link to that post. But, I also flashed modem couple of times with flashable zip that contained a new/different modem firmware and by checking the modem version after that, it was changed. So, yeah, different ways of doing it.

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