Liberapay with Stripe (credit card)?

  • Currently UBports can receive donations on liberapay via paypal. But that means donors need to have a paypal account.

    Looking at the liberapay faq

    If a payment is processed by Stripe, then most credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are accepted, as well as SEPA Direct Debits (for Euro donations only).

    It sounds like, if Stripe where enabled for UBports, then people could donate with just their credit card and without creating an extra account.

    That would be great!

  • The problem is, the Stripe processing requires a business account, making things a lot more complex; requiring US business address, bank account, and further information. I guess that's not suitable for UBports, which will be an NGO foundation in Europe.

  • @dobey too bad 😞

  • @doniks Perhaps, as it would be nice to support liberapay further, but I think if you want to donate without Paypal, then Patreon or other options are still available. It's maybe a bit annoying for a one-time payment, but I think it's doable without a Paypal account, through Patreon.

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