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  • Hey all,

    A while ago I remember that there was talks about integalrating mycroft into UT anyone knows where it stands now?


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    I don't think that should be a priority now. Maybe when Mycroft is a little more mature and we have a little less to do, this could be an interesting project, but definitely not now.

    On a more general note: Do people really use voice assistants? I know they are everywhere, but i never really made use of OK google on android or Siri back in my iOS days, Cortana on Windows 10 is the most useless piece of C, i don't own an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. It would be an insane amount of work to make it usable, and then i think many people would just look at it as a fun (or not fun, depending on how good it is) toy rather than a useful tool...

    I'm not sure if there's a chance of winning this one. Maybe just an app, that doesn't integrate with the phone? Might be a good project for someone in the community.

  • Yes you're right i almost never used google now... though I do think it would be cool to have it as an app just for fun, If no one is working on it I might try to provide it...

  • Maybe a dead thread but Rhasspy has become a new popular choice.

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