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  • Maybe I can't see the wood for all the trees, but sometimes I want to search for a certain term in a longer topic.

    The search icons of the forum as far as I can see only search topics. Or better: do not allow to restrict the search to one fixed topic.

    If I use the search functionality of the browser it doesn't work for topics that are so long they dynamically load new entries while scrolling.

    Is there any hint how to search inside a single topic (like finding all replies with "m10" in the "development testers for anbox" topic)?

  • @Ingo I think the Forum Search engine is pretty broken (being magnanimous). What I usually do is to use DDG in this way:

    term_I_want_to_search site:

  • But that would yield all topics. I already know which topic I want to search. But manually scrolling through 172 replies is somewhat tedious.

    I just tried to search for my term plus more to make sure I only get hits in one topic. But then the result list in DDG in unusable because it basically just shows the context with the terms I only added to get the correct topic.

  • @Ingo yes, the ideal solution would be that the Forum Search engine works properly, my method is just a workaround that sometimes work better than others, depending on the terms I use, and maybe "the good luck" 🙂

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