Porting basics question

  • Let me start by saying I'm completely new to the concept of rooting, flashing, and porting. So I'd like to try and digest what I read from the steps.

    1. Check if my phone is compatible, and help others know if they are, by documenting it.
    2. Get something called "Halium" installed on my desktop/laptop.
    3. Create a "Halium-boot" using Halium's breakfast or lunch options.
    4. "Flash" "Halium-boot" unto my phone, (which is telling me I just paste it there using "fastboot")
    5. Have a back up of my phone... in my phone. Something about TWRP.
    6. Download Ubuntu Touch.
    7. Get "Halium-install" and tell it to install Ubuntu Touch for me.

    Is this a good summary, or did I get something wrong?

    (Because it's saying I empty my phone in step 6, and I have no idea why it'd want me to put something in my phone that's about to be wiped)

  • @dgood1 Hi, and welcome to UBports. Have a read of this https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/porting/introduction.html to get started. This may be of interest to https://ubports.com/meet-the-community

  • Thanks for getting back to me.

    Sadly, that's the site that brought me to the forums in the first place. XD. As savvy as I wish I was with computers, much of the new jargon fly over my head.

    Anyway, seeing as you find nothing wrong in what I mentioned, it may be safe to assume it better to try the instructions as I have interpreted it. (To clarify, I will read the given instructions. I just feel I may have misread some things)

    I'll try Telegram soon. Thanks for the tip.

  • @dgood1 I have not tried porting so have no knowledge of any bumps in the road so to speak. There are many here who have so keep an eye out for answers here and most definitely ask questions we're here to help. From trying other things I have found reading things at least twice can save a lot of bother further on : ) and yes try the links on that other page I'm sure you will find what you need.

  • There is also a 3h recording of a live porting session you might want to check out

  • Your basic understanding is a little off, step 0 is right, after that you get source code following the docs, configure it with the docs (adjusting for any device specific items) then compile it and flash to your device and test. That is a very very generalized rundown of the process, if you attempt it, we are here to help, and there's no such thing as a stupid question, so good luck if you go for it.

  • @tigerpro Nice! So I have to be more careful when tweaking with Halium then.

    I'll update when I can when Halium is running on my laptop.

    I finally saw the word GIT in the apt install, so I guess I see where "build" is going

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