help needed for cleanup of filesystem

  • Hi, I am not familiar with the inwards of a Linux system and I´d appreciate help from some of the experts here in the forum:
    I was unsure whether it would work or not when I flashed my nexus 5 with UT and therefore chose the option to not erase the android part during UT-installation.
    Now I´d like to gain as much storage space as possible and I wonder if it is safe to simply delete the "android"-folder in the filesystem under "my device"?
    And which other folders could eventually be deleted because they wouldn´t exist if I had chosen the erase-option?
    (I´d like to avoid that, but maybe it is safer to reinstall UT for some reason? )
    Thanks in advance

  • @obacht This has come up a few times in the UBports Telegram groups. The last example was only yesterday:

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:06]
    Hey does anyone know why a fresh install is taking up 29.6Gb of a nexus 7 (flo)?

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:11]
    [ Photo ]

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:12]
    29.5 to be exact

    Rodney, [07.04.19 14:14]
    You had about that much space used up under Android? And didn't select wipe option in installer?

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:15]
    nope i had wipe selected

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:15]
    doing an erase and reset from the OS to see if it can clean up

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:17]
    that seemed to work

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:18]
    I now have 26Gb free

    Tom Rhodes, [07.04.19 14:18]
    wipe was selected on the installer, but it dropped the connection when pushing once, about halfway through, then it restarted, so maybe that might have somethign to do with it

    So reinstalling with wipe selected should do the trick. If you've got any more concerns, it's probably best to join the Welcome and Install group on Telegram and ask there:

  • @myii Thank You for the hint!
    The phone was "clean" (resetted to factory settings) when I flashed it so there was nothing but the android-system on it - but I think I´ll rather reinstall and choose wipe-option this time...

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