Après la mise à niveau / After the upgrade


    Après la mise à niveau UT Ubports, je n'ai plus libreoffice et Firefox, la musique mais aussi la carte SD n'est plus reconnue
    After the upgrade UT Ubports, I no longer have freeoffice and Firefox, music but also the SD card is no longer recognized

  • I believe you are talking about the M10 FHD, is that right?

    Since the situation with Libertine and Mir might change soon, we are not shipping Libreoffice, Firefox and other X11 apps in the image at the moment.

    I can't reproduce your issue with the sd card, it gets recognized for me. Try ejecting and reinserting it or rebooting the device. Does the card get recognized by your computer when used with a reader?


    Merci pour la réponse, effectivement cela vient bien de ma carte micro-SD.
    Pour libreoffice c'est plustôt dommage, Car je m'en servais en mode convergence. Et pour la musique VLC serait le bienvenue 🤓 et si possible chromium😜
    Thank you for the answer, actually it comes from my micro-SD card.
    For freeoffice it is more a pity, because I used it in convergence mode. And for the VLC music would be welcome and if possible 🤓 chromium😜

  • This post is deleted!

  • Running desktop apps on Ubuntu Touch definitely has to become easier in the future, it's on the list for 16.04. For now, you could try and follow this guide: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/262/desktop-apps

    But be careful, it will break the OTA updates and is not recommended!

  • Did i get that right? Does your SD-card work now?

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