Error preparing Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 7 (WiFi)

  • Good night everyone,

    I'm currently trying to install ubuntu touch into a Nexus 7 (WiFi version). I have tried to use the installer, but it doesn't detect my device, and it also doesn't allow me to put it manually (it does not do anything when selecting it from the list).

    So I've come to the manual installation.

    In theory my Device is unlocked and it appears so into the fastboot mode. So in theory I am not required to do all the steps, but if I jump them, I also get errors, so I'm trying to get them all corrrectly.

    My current status and error is the next one shown:


    Anyone knows how to generate the image for cache? Do I need any extra installs from the suggested ones at the beginning of the tutorial?

    Lot's of thanks !

    Sergi 😁

  • @tsunamiuu is the 2012 grouper ? Did you have any luck ?