Controlling the width of indicators panel.

  • I have used the scaling feature of UT Tweak Tool to adjust the screen scaling down to 16 from the default of 21. A side effect of this is that below a value of 18 the system decides that the indicator panel in portrait orientation should be the partial screen width one offered in landscape orientation. This is a bit annoying as it makes the panel really narrow.

    Is there a way to force the full width indicator panel? Or adjust the threshold it is switched at? I have been digging in /usr/share/unity8/panel area and cannot find any logic derterminng the panel width... or I am blind.

  • Disregard, I found a solution.

    In /usr/share/unity8/Shell.qml ln:468
    width: parent.width > ? : parent.width

    increasing '60' to '70' did the trick

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