Comparison of all kind of Linux Mobile Systems

  • @dobey said in Comparison of all kind of Linux Mobile Systems:

    Updates from 16.04 should get pulled in daily to the devel images, in general.

    Oh yes?! So all security updates of Ubuntu LTS are already been directly implemented into devel - and later into release.... Cool, didn't know that!

    I don't know whow big the security advantage than is - compared with an open source (ONLY) mobile system, which probably never will have so many updates.

  • I just got a document from Jolla regarding the problem with Android 9 and Sailfish OS installations. Interesting for me was that there seems NOT to be any way to install their system in the today status on Android 9 phones - so Jolla developed a way to degrade Android 9 phones to Android 8 - and than install SFOS.

    So probably this idea could be regarded for other systems to!??

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