GPS on Fairphone 2

  • Hi,

    I just install Ubuntu touch (16.04 - OTA-9) on my Fairphone 2 and I have a problem with the localisation.
    Even if I said to use the GPS for the localisation, the applications are not able to locate my phone.

    What should I do?


  • @docaurelie

    Maybe try instructions discussed here:

    Check that the fix is even needed (may already be using ubuntu.espoo) -- run in the terminal:

    $ ps aux | grep [l]ocation-service | grep provider

    root 987 0.0 0.5 146540 9852 ? Ssl 19:19 0:00 /usr/bin/ubuntu-location-serviced --bus system --provider gps::Provider --provider remote::Provider --remote::Provider::name=com.ubuntu.espoo.Service.Provider --remote::Provider::path=/com/ubuntu/espoo/Service/Provider

    Like above, if you see ubuntu.espoo in the output, then the fix is already in place
    The fix below only works if you see wolfpack.geoclue2
    Run the following commands from the terminal:

    (Optional) Save a copy of the file to your home directory

    $ cp /etc/init/ubuntu-location-service.override ~

    Make the root partition writable

    $ sudo mount -o remount,rw /

    The following command changes wolfpack.geoclue2 to ubuntu.espoo in both places in the file

    $ sudo sed -i -e 's:wolfpack(.)geoclue2:ubuntu\1espoo:' /etc/init/ubuntu-location-service.override

    (Optional) Check that the changes have been made successfully

    $ grep espoo /etc/init/ubuntu-location-service.override
    opts="$opts --remote::Provider::name=com.ubuntu.espoo.Service.Provider"
    opts="$opts --remote::Provider::path=/com/ubuntu/espoo/Service/Provider"

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Since, I had only search for Fairphone, I didn't found this post.

    I've try this solution, in the SensorsStatus app, in the GPS tab, I went to "Source status Access error" to "No error", but I still do not have the localization. The post says it can take a while, it is more than half an hour now...

  • GPS never worked for me on FP2, there is a related open issue here fyi:

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