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    In the process of trying to get an alternate OS on my Nexus 4. I have installed UT and am getting used to it but am curious if Lineage OS might suit my purposes better. Die Hard Ubuntu fan and like a lot of UT features but my current phone is a Palm Pixi and it's UI is still my favorite. So I am looking to reproduce it as much as possible.

    What is the process for installing Lineage now that I have installed UT? Is the process listed here feasible? Or do I have to revert to Android first?


    PS I will post with issues I am having with UT - separate from this post. Some may be user error or my unfamiliarity. Some might be due to issues with my phone carrier

  • @mooncosmique hi, I've moved your post to OT because this category suits it better.

    BTW I think you can find more expertise about how to install LOS on the Support links here 🙂

  • Since you have an unlocked bootloader, it's generally as simple as downloading the latest LineageOS and the lastest TWRP, flashing TWRP with fastboot, then using TWRP to wipe the system and sideload LineageOS with ADB. The whole process is explained here:

    Installing Google services and Play Store are extra steps that are covered in the LineageOS documentation.

    If you want to run without Google services but do want mainstream apps to work, you might consider installing the LineageOS builds from MicroG instead of the official ones:

    MicroG spoofs the existence and some of the function of Google services to apps that require them. But not every app works smoothly with MicroG, so it depends on your willingness to live with bugs vs. deal with more tracking using Google Services.

    If you do install the MicroG version, it will have the Fdroid store built in. From Fdroid, you can install Yalp Store or Aurora store to download apps anonymously from Google Play Store, or they call allow you to sign in to download your paid apps.

    If you only want to use open source software and do not need or want Google services or any imitation of it, then you can simply install the official LineageOS version, download Fdroid, and get your open source software from there without ever using MicroG or flashing Google Apps.

  • Getting back to this because of problems I am experiencing with UT. I appreciate your response and the tip on MidroG.

    I was able to successfully install TWRP - someone at the XDA forum was kind enough to post a step by step procedure and it went without a hitch.

    Since I will be wiping the device for any other ROMs I will try re-installing UT and wipe the user data this time.

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