Anbox Question on BQ M10 HD (cooler)

  • Not a tech guy here, not at all. Yet, I attempted to install UBTouch on my BQ M10 HD (cooler) tablet, and eventually figured out how to make that work. Yay.

    Then, I was reading about Anbox, and thought to try that.

    I thought I could rely on the information shown at this URL: . There it very clearly says that my device is a "Supported device". I assumed I could rely on that.

    I worked through all the steps, but at the step to issue this command: anbox-tool-install I would get this error message: "Anbox kernel is not installed! Please flash this first!" So, I retried and retried all the steps, always to end up with that same problem.

    I did some searching, and came across this thread here: . This thread clearly says that my device is NOT TESTED, which makes me wonder if that is why I'm having this problem: Perhaps my device is NOT supported.

    Question: Which is correct? For the anbox image for the BQ M10 HD (cooler), is that supported, or is it not?

    Also: Is there anything I can do to get around this problem of not flashing the anbox kernel?

  • This seems to be a known issue, reported here:

    No known fix yet, it seems.

  • Hi!

    Is there anything happening to fix this? I read somewhere the necessary modules are included in dev, but I still can't install Anbox on my m10 HD...

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