I think is possible develop app in ubuntu touch with kotlin?

  • Hello, everyone, this is a idea !!!.
    my first impression after reading, Kotlin navite references, [https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/native-overview.html](link url), I think it's possible, but I do not have great known do it. In my head, opening development of app's for ubuntu touch with, differents languages ​​is a great oportunity, is this idea alone, but i want known, it is possible?

  • I am guessing that qt or qml bindings, or better said, the lack thereof, would be an issue that could hamper wholesale uptake.

  • @arubislander, in this moment, i think, if bind we the kernel with Kotlin compiler, it open two forms of develop(see Andriod), in android, the developers, evaluated what is the best for your application's, use SDK o NDK , in the case of ubuntu touch, in my opinion is equal, exits case in the need a complete tools for apps. that can only be given to me the NDK, this is alone example in general.

  • @alvaroc127 But what framework would be available for the UI of an app written in Kotlin?

    For instance. We have been able to write apps in Go and Rust for Ubuntu Touch for a while now. A big part of what makes this possible is that QT bindings have been written for these two languages.

    It would seem that there are only GTK bindings for Kotlin at the moment.

  • In short, no, it's not really sensible to write apps in Kotlin for UT.

    It makes sense for Android apps, because Android development platform is entirely based around Java, which Kotlin compiles into.

    If you must use Kotlin, the Kotlin/Native should be usable, but you would still need to write C++ to call into the Kotlin/Native library, and to drive the UI, which should be implemented in QML.

  • @arubislander @dobey ,mmm ok, i belive understand, it is a problem in the frontend and backend?, example: in the best of case: i could use kotlin/kotlin native, but the result is a console app? or, in a develop of three lenguages in the case kotlin,c++ and qml. in the ultimate case, its clear, this is more work, in other words it possible, but in this moment not..?

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