Mobilizon, a free and federated tool to get events off FB and others

  • To make it easy to emancipate from close source platforms like Facebook or Meetup, "Mobilizon will be a free software respecting fundamental freedoms for people who want to gather together. Mobilizon will be a digital common which respects privacy and activism by design. Mobilizon will be a user-friendly, emancipatory and ethical tool".

    When ready this tool might be very useful to organise events for UBports community and communicate and synchronise via ActivityPub protocol with Mastodon, Peertube and others compatible tools.

    After Peertube and many others free services, it is another initiative to be credited to Framasoft (which also hosts Framapiaf, the Mastodon instance used by UBports) :

  • Milestone 3 reached and 12 days left to go far beyond !

  • The latest news of the day about Mobilizon in english or in french

  • Excellent news ! Congratulations, it's promising! The idea of having associated design skills seems to me essential for the adoption of these tools. Well done, keep it up.

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