Live reloading app

  • Has anyone already worked on an App that can live reload QML files ?

    For example:
    I create a project on my device ( UT connected to my PC with MTP ) . I launch an app on UT that listen to changes in /home/phablet/Documents/blabla_src_code_of_my_app_directory and display changes on UT screen.

    I've just tried only on desktop ( too tired for testing now on UT), but i really don't like the "blinking" effect of having a window destroyed and recreated.

  • get it working on UT, but i can't use QtCreator for editing file as it does not allow me to modify files over MTP, Text editors works fine though but i still fight with window destruction/creation when ApplicationWindow is the root item

  • If the root item in the component you're loading is a type of Window, then a new window will get created, and it will be destroyed when you destroy the component object. The only way to avoid that is to not load components that are Windows.

  • @dobey allright, i let it like this for destruction/creation of a Window item and provide a wrapper when testing non-windows components

    Almost ready for publishing, i need to test it well and clean my newbie-c++ code

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