need some information for an idea to an app to transcend whatsapp and others

  • Hello everyone

    I have been thinking that all the requirenments of the "chat" apps could be override with the browser.
    The point it is that I can make an app for pc to transfer via ftp a php code to a server. A code that it is a chat with security filtering users and saving the encripted messages so even the owners of the server can not read your messages. There are a lot of free servers in wich you can have some space so the when you have the php chat code there you have a chat for everyone you want without they must install an app. Theoretically, in a day use, if you want someone to be allowed to talk to you, you would only have to give the url, the user and a password for him.

    if using php you create a session and the guests will only have to write the user and password one time so the use of the chat it is easy for they. In the other hand, the web notifications can alert you when someone writes you and also reverse.

    Everyone mobile have a browser so there would be no need to install nothing to anyone that wants to talk to you.

    The code can be made to have external and internal zones, external for the messaging with other people and internal can be use to implement a lot of utilities that for a long time I have been searching to linux to have, for example calendar integration between mobile and linux, wiht an ical server, or a remote control to the pc from, or a transfer longs file without need of an external service like google or whatever without using the free space of the server using conections or video streaming also. Using the speex library, that can be used if you don't use it for comercial, and javascript i think that web callings can be implemented too, without an external service mediator and with anomicity because the transmision it is from end to end.

    The only thing that I am not pretty sure it is how to encript the chats in the server, I supose that with javascript and public and private keys this problably can work.

    What do you think about this idea, can it be coded? can it be secure? can it be anonimous?

    Thank you

  • There is already and anyone can set up their own Matrix server instance if they prefer.

  • Thank you dobey, for your quick response, but riot it is not the kind of app I am talking.

    Let me explain, I have installed the riot app and even thought it is a very god app, it only gives you the chance to talk to people that have the riot app installed or use the channels that implements. In the other hand it gives you a chance to make your room open to the public but... requires that people create an account and also requires the use of the app because if you open the on a mobile browser it does not allow you to keep on without installing the app. What it is worth is that you can create a room but you must have all your contacts in the same room if there were a chance to explain the people that you can request a desktop web page on the mobile browser.

    So, i am sorry for this, but riot it is another line, whatsapp or telegram: excluding and dependent of the app channels of communication, in spite the effort that matrix it is doing and that they unite several channels: freenode, irc, etc.

    What I have in mind it is, a not excluding way, because it does not require the people you want to talk with the installation of an app, and so it is not dependent of the app. I am Spanish and my English it is not very good, but can you try to read again what I wrote and see the difference? and the question still the same, can it be coded?

    one more thing it is that I have found, guess, that no data need to be stored on the free server, but instead in your own mobile or passing it to a base data for desktop.

    Thank you any way.

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