GPS tracking in Background - Edge Hack (Not Devel, Stable, RC)

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    @normandc said in GPS tracking in Background - Trick:
    To have the recording screen off, you have to enable with Tweak tool the option "Prevent suspend" for the terminal app.

    As I wrote, I already enabled this setting.

    One thing I didn't mention is that I don't have a SIM card in yet, my Android phone is still my main phone until I migrate everything to the OPO. I didn't have any Internet access. I since read that GPS localization seems to be more problematic without a SIM card.

    Check the new version, uploaded today, no more long list the screen is refreshed after each datapoint.
    I've also add a sum-up calculation at the end :

    GPX file Created : 1566872659557.gpx
        Length 2D: 0.004km
        Length 3D: 0.016km
        Moving time: 00:00:11
        Stopped time: 00:14:34
        Max speed: None
        Avg speed: 0m/s = 1km/h
        Total uphill: 3.3m
        Total downhill: 4.3m

    That sounds great, I'm back home and with still a week vacation left, I'm hoping to test this further. Thanks!

    I wonder, can we install Git on UT? It would make updating your script easier. I think I'll try and see.

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    A word of warning: if you forget to activate the terminal's "prevent app suspension" button, once the script is launched, there is no stopping it!!! The CTRL+C button at the bottom will not stop the script.

    I meet the bug, doesn't appear on Edge but on Devel Yes.

    I'll look at it.

  • Sorry, I guess I should have mentioned I'm on 16.04/rc.

    BTW I tried to install git on UT, the package isn't available. I guess I could always git pull from my PC then copy to the phone, but I'm not seeing the gps-utouch-tracker folder from the PC, only the folders Documents, Music, Images and Videos...

  • @normandc
    From the phone terminal,

    wget && unzip

  • @ernest thanks, I guess keeping the original folder name (with -master) will make updating easier in the future.

  • All, i'm looking for good soul to test the last version, please contact me on Telegram : @Ernes_t

    I've updated the script to : Consume less battery, import automatically the run to Activity Tracker when finished, upload the position in real-time to Phonetrack (Nextcloud) and distributed into a click.

    I found recently thanks to iperspace, apparmor hack, the script should be able to run under all version.

  • Thank you all for this subject !
    Is there a description (or source code) of the test_gps command somewhere, please ?

  • Excellent ! Thank you very much @doniks
    Best regards

  • Latest version has been uploaded to openstore.

    Please read prior use :

  • Hi all,
    I think this app is very useful.
    However, I can’t make it work.
    I use an Aquaris E4.5 with ubuntu 16.04 (OTA11).
    I used the previous script and now the recent updated script with no luck.
    I have no issues with the installation, but when I launch the script, it gets stuck with “Waiting for satellites ...”.
    When I close the app (Ctrl+C), it creates an empty gpx file.
    The rest of apps (ActivityTracker, OSMScout) fetch the data and show my position, so I am sure that GPS is working properly.
    What could be the cause?
    Thank you for your suggestions.

  • @aimar
    i noticed that the script is neither working with OP3 device. I had to modify it to make it works.
    Are you on telegram, if so please contact me @ern_st

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