CloudMusic app - Can't download songs from it

  • This is a great app.

    Kudos to the devs!

    However I have a problem where I try to download a file it asks me to select an application: if I select file manager it seems to download but then just takes me to the Home page of file manager and can't find the file.

    If i pick music app it appears to download then spins for ages 'waiting for the file'

    I'd like to download the files to my music folder


  • Cloud music app is a very unofficial thing - remember that you don´t pay for anything, and it seems this music comes pirated from China or so.

    It is not in any way an official App promoted or supported by UBports.

    That said, I don´t know but for any questions you need to reach out to the app developer, which you probably can find in the Openstore details. But I don´t think anyone here will be able to help you, since we don´t know the developer at all.

    BR Florian

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