Confused about how 'desktop' and 'shortcuts' work

  • Hi,

    I've just got a Nexus 5 to try ubports. The installation was amazingly easy (once I had adb tools in my path), and I really like it so far. But the one thing that totally confuses me is the 'desktop' and 'shortcuts'...

    When I do a right edge swipe I see all my open apps in a stack, but for each one, I also seem to get a corresponding shortcut on the desktop? When I close any of these apps, it disappears from the stack and the shortcut disappears too. If I close them all, I'm just left with the app drawer and the corresponding 'scopes' shortcut, which I can't close.

    So my questions are:

    1. Is the desktop area something I can use myself, and place my own shortcuts, files etc., onto. Or is it purely for the purpose of displaying, selecting and closing open apps?
    2. The shortcuts that appear just seem to be a duplication of the list of open apps in the stack, so I don't really get their purpose?

    Sorry if I'm using strange terminology, but I'm completely new to UT. I'm using 16.04/stable btw.
    Many thanks for any advice...

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  • What do you mean by "desktop" here exactly?

    If you mean the black bar of stacked icons on the left, that is the launcher.

    You can pin apps to the launcher by long pressing on them while they are running, and un-pin similarly. Running apps always appear there, and you can tap on the icons to switch.

    The app spread is what you get with the long swipe from the right, showing the live previews of apps. This is basically the same as when you press Alt+Tab on a PC to switch between apps/windows.

    Scopes are special and no you can't close the dash application, however in a future update the scopes will be going away completely. The replacement for the apps scope (where you currently launch applications), is the app drawer, which will be opened with long swipe from left, or by tapping the big logo button on the launcher.

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