How can I help with VoLTE Support?

  • I really want to help get VoLTE working on ubuntu touch. Can anyone point me in the direction to get started? I am kinda lost trying to figure this out. How do I start getting involved in the development of the core of UT?

  • The first step (which is more like a leap over the moon), would be to get the differences from the current ofono build (which is a fork that was maintained by Canonical at the time, and has quite a lot of changes from upstream) reconciled with upstream ofono, so we can upgrade to the latest version.

    There are about 45k lines of changes between our ofono, and upstream 1.17 (which our fork is based on). This will require a lot of patience, and will require some knowledge about MTK modems and such, as we'll need to keep most of the changes from the fork when updating.

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