Nexus4 OTG support

  • I am trying the convergence features but OTG passtrough is not working with the slimport hdmi adapter. Neither OTG seems to work when I connect the OTG cable directly to the device.

    I know that Nexus 4 was initially releaded with no OTG support but I read that it could be fixed with a powered (Y) OTG cable and a modified Android ROM.

    Does UbuntuTouch supports OTG on Nexus 4?

    In plan to use OTG for connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse. Also for accesing an external USB drive.

  • Nexus 4 hardware does not support OTG. The OS is irrelevant.

    For wireless keyboard/mouse you need to use Bluetooth devices. You also cannot use OTG and Slimport simultaneously, on micro-USB devices that support Slimport.

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