SMS notifications issue

  • Hi All,
    Did every one experience delay in sms notifications?
    I noticed that especially when i expect some messages to be delivered (2 factor authentication) i need to press one of the buttons on my OPO to get my message delivered. Sometimes, when i check my phone i get notification that message has been delivered 1 minute ago and in fact that was 30 minutes or even more.
    I decided to ask here because i'm not sure if that's a bug in OTA-10 or my phone has stopped to work properly.

    Thanks for your feedback

  • @tricky I can confirm that behaviour on my OPO.

  • @tricky but that does not happen only since OTA10.

  • @thilov you could be right that this issue existed before. I've been using 2 factor authentication few times a day since 2 weeks that's why i noticed that.

    I will check if there is any open bug related to this issue.

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