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  • Hi. Trying to use LibriFox app as an audiobook player. I know I have to change the file extension from .mp3 to .lfa, but I'm not sure exactly where to move my files to. Found some instructions on Gitlab, but they are for Firefox.


    Didn't work when I tried. I'm running RC 16.04.10 on an N5. Thanks for any suggestions. Really enjoying using UT, it's so close to being enough to use daily and drop my Droid... Now if only Bluetooth could get sorted out... Been very unreliable and basically unusable with UT on my N5.

  • I have tried to and not been able to make it to work. Its one of the things I miss most with Ubports

  • Have you had any luck using a different app to play audiobooks? Using the Music or Media app is okay, but I lose my place every time I close the app.

  • Hi, I am on ONO and I got a little further: if you download files by searching (try a small audio file from the Golden Bough, or something else classical), you will see them being saved in .../persistent/librifox/app_dl/1113/ file (on my system at least), in .lfa format. Sadly, converting existing mp3s to that format in the folder does not produce desired results. Will keep you posted.

    Just FYI someone did manage this successfully on ONO before:

  • I've found a work around if you are still looking at this. You replace the downloaded files (e.g. 3.lfa with the 3.lfa containing your audible book), then it works. Although the naming is all wrong.

  • Ah, I see. That worked for me, thanks! You have to keep the exact same naming convention as the file you replace. See what you mean by the file names being messed up now, but it's definitely a step forward. Thanks for the tip! Now if only Bluetooth could get sorted out...

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