A board wiki.

  • Is there such a thing as a wiki for pcb's?
    As I've been getting more and more into hacking (hardware), I wonder if there is such a wiki where you can add
    full information about any (really ANY) printed circuit board. (e.g. chip info, uart, etc.)
    I would consider starting this myself if it doesn't exist yet.
    By the way, i'm only asking here because this is such a friendly community 🙂

  • @cunotj hi, I read your post several times but I'm still not sure what you are really asking with it and how this is supposed to be related to either the UBports community or to the Ubuntu Touch OS...are you asking a general question? If so, I'm not able to answer to it, sorry....I used to be very into electronics some years ago and PCBs as well, but not anymore unfortunately.

    Kind regards,


  • @cunotj hi, something like this https://www.hackerboards.com/?

  • @advocatux Yes, that is sort of what I'm talking about, thank you.

    @matteo Well, I could have posted this in other places I guess, but
    I'm not really active anywhere else. UBports has been my main community
    for years now, so I'm just using this forum.

    Anyway, there are multiple reasons behind this. The main one being my
    frustration with the enormous spread of information in the porting/hacking
    communities. Now, obviously, hackers have been tinkering with hardware
    since it existed and I'm sure some information databases have been created
    over time but I guess no such thing as a "PCB-Wiki" exists yet.

    Let me give you an example. I am a Nexus 4 user.
    Recently, the bootsplash images for many phones where changed.
    This was apparently not that difficult. For the N4 however, this could not
    be so easily done. Someone like me immediately wants to know why. So, I
    start gathering information, looking at various forum posts, digging,
    analyzing the boot partitions. Hmmm, this is risky. A high chance of bricking.
    Now what do you need to know? JTAG info would be helpful. UART as well.
    All hardware related things.
    Board related things.

    So imagine a wiki page for the N4 PCB. A wiki page anyone could add to.
    A place where everything is collected, instead of spread out over various
    forums, hacker blogs etc. All bits and pieces of information (and dead links).

    I hope I got my point across.


  • @cunotj I would say that this isn't really a goal of UBports, but I think would fit in more with the goals of postmarketOS.

    Some of the information you're talking about is already on the device wiki pages there: https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Devices

    For example, https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Google_Nexus_4_(lg-mako) has links to info about UART debug cable and such.

    And beyond mobile devices, going into generic PCB development, would be even more outside the goals of UBports community I think. It would probably be better to discuss such things in forums where that's the goal, such as the link provided by @advocatux above.

  • @dobey I never said it was the goal of UBports. I'm posting this in off-topic for a reason.

    First of all, I was only using this as an example (and showing how it would relate to Ubports). I had found this info you're linking to, and that was exactly my point. There is no central database that caries this type of information for ANY pcb. The wikis you will find are always limited to a project or, as in the case of the hackerboards site, limited to a specific type.

    I was just trying to discuss this a little, but I'll take this somewhere else if it's not appreciated.

  • oh sorry @cunotj I just now realized you posted your question in the Off topic section, so it does make sense, my bad....Don't take it personally, every community member tries to reply to questions and help as best as he can, it is not a matter of lack of interest to your suggested topic, really....I wasn't of any help to you but advocatux and dobey gave to you an answer, so better than nothing 😜 See you soon again on this UT Planet 🙂

  • @matteo Ah, I see. Thanks. 🙂 ✌

  • Right, it's fine to post in off topic. What I mean, is don't expect to get much out of it on here. That's why we are suggesting you look elsewhere.

    If you want to create such a site, go for it. Maybe talk with the iFixit people, since they do post teardowns of devices on their site, so it would be a good place to start to build such a community from.

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