Your experience in using UT on M10 as "office-workstation"

  • Hi,

    well, now "libreoffice" runs on my m10 hd tablet, but I think, it's good for nothing... Toolbar is not to control with mouse... I can type words, that's all (saving documents isn't possible)... I remember, that is was a little better under 15.04 (old "canonical-version" of UT), but I don't know exactly.

    Now I think generally about using UT on M10 as "office-workstation", and I hope for your experience in this questions:

    1. Is libreoffice useful and runs it fine? If yes, what are the best or the right "settings" to run fine?
    2. If libreoffice is obsolete, which are the alternatives? I know uWriter a little bit, but is it able to "replace" libreoffice (if it would work...)? Which apps are you using to do such office things?
    3. What is missing in UT to be a "complete office workstation" (if there is anything...)?

    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Well, I basically never use "office" tools so for me, none of those things are necessary.

    LibreOffice is not a converged application, so it would not be ideal for such work. Web office tools such as Google Docs/Sheets/etc… should all work well in the browser though.

    If LibreOffice is a requirement for you and there are some problems, please report specific issues for the different problems, in GitHub. Libertine is an experimental feature to enable the use of legacy applications. It is not feature complete or 100% stable.

    Native converged apps will always give a better experience than legacy apps. If things are "missing" to be a "complete office workstation" then the best thing to do would be to work on writing properly converged native applications to fill those gaps.

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