Sony Xperia X (suzu/F5121)

  • @turtlenate I think the main thing to do is to remove any sd card before attempting to install.

  • @fredldotme Please Sir, do not leave us alone !!!

  • @livrecinq, you may be able to help with or by trying to fix some of these issues yourself.

  • Hi, I have tried with the SD card and sim removed. No luck yet. Will have another go later. Cheers

  • @fredldotme thats sad. ☹

    Thank you for all the work you have done.

  • @turtlenate

    Wasted a lot of time over this issue with F5121 which was previously running Sailfish OS. In my case had saved TAbackup prior to bootloader unlock for Sailfish so downgraded device back to MM with Androxyde Flashtool, restored DRM (Androxyde Advanced settings), upgraded to stock Oreo, bootloader unlocked on latest firmware, turn on USB debugging, installed twrp-3.2.2-0-suzu.img, wipe then advanced wipe for cache, dalvik cache, data and system, fastboot flash oem SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_N_MR1_5.7_r1_v08_loire.img and then run UBports installer 0.14.4-Beta to install 16.04/community/fredldotme/devel and got "spinning white circle" this time. Remember to remove any microSD card for any subsequent OTA updates, now on v 10* OS build number 2020-01-01/2.

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  • Notes on the installation of ubuntu touch onto a new Sony Xperia X

    Prepared as thoroughly as I could in an attempt to avoid issues with the installer later on and followed instructions at the top of this thread.
    Turned out I could not get the Androxyde Flashtool to run on ubuntu desktop 18.04, laptop 16.04, so updated the phone via repeated ota system updates to Android 8.0, build 34.4.A.2118.
    Remaining steps were ok but the installer did not complete and phone ended up in some sort of a looping process.
    Finally successful after a few days. Installing TWRP to clear caches was key (Thanks @Lioh!):

    @Lioh said in Sony Xperia X (suzu/F5121):

    Halium recovery does not clear the cache completly. For a new device it is necessary to install TWRP first after unlocking the device. It can be downloaded from here: and flashed in Fastboot Mode (Power on + VolumeUp = Blue LED) using:

    fastboot flash recovery Downloads/twrp-3.3.1-0-suzu.img

    Afterwards boot into TWRP and select Wipe / data, system & cache partitionen. Continue with the installation (OEM Binaries / UBports installer)

    Question: Would it be possible to have this step of the process for new devices inserted into the post at the top of the thread?

    Anyway, I now had UT on the phone but it had a serious battery drain issue. It was losing power even when switched right off overnight.

    Long story short, ran the installer again selecting 16.04/community/fredldotme/devel this time to a successful conclusion. Was surprised to find: working camera, incoming ring-tone, openstore pre-installed and various other bits and pieces that weren't working on the arm64 version.

    Battery still drains a bit quicker than it should but greatly improved. More research required.

  • @ziggutas Flash tool works on ubuntu 18.04, that might be easier.

  • Thanks for the tip @extraymond , that definitely might be easier! Looks a bit easier to get hold of too.

    Will keep the info in case I need to go back and start again.

  • Has anyone managed to successfully connect the Xperia to a monitor with a slimport adapter?

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