Web App with user modifiable base url?

  • There are a lot of cool self-hostable website that would be nice to use as web-apps, but given their self-hostable nature the user needs to somehow be able to change the base URL.

    Is that somehow possible with a WebApp (or WebApp+ what ever that is exactly)?

    Or is there any alternative way to make for example a Gitea or Hubzilla app that allows connecting to a custom instance?

    Thanks for the help.

    P.S.: Native Hubzilla account support would be awesome as it also include a CalDAV and CardDAV (and WebDAV cloud storage) so it would make for a cool cloud companion to UT (similar to Nextcloud).

  • I did this basically with html and some javascript for newsie so defibitely possible.

  • @geekvine That is cool. So you basically have made a regular app that works internally like a web app? Might you be able to abstract that in a separate repository for other people to use?

  • @poVoq the repo is available on Gitlab 🙂

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